‘изико-технический институт

The Natural-science School (NSS, or ЕНШ in Russian) of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) is a training center for senior pupils which want to become students.  

There are some divisions in the school:

  Remote training (via Internet or usual mail)

The pupils attend NSS three times a week for 4 hours in the evenings.  University instructors train the pupils to be deeper in subjects - it gives more chances  to pass successfully entrance examination not only at TPU but at any technical university.


Dr. Sergey Kuznetsov,
Head of the NSS.
email: smit@tpu.ru

NSS, created on the basis of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Faculty, allows the pupil, not abandoning customary school, to deepen and to perfect the knowledge of physics, mathematician, chemistry and ecology.



The uniqueness NSS is in a combination of a deepened study of a selected subject - chemistry, physics, mathematics or chemical ecology - and of constant contacts of the schoolboys with the students and teachers of university. It allows achieving early orientation of the persons in a choice of a profession and facilitates adaptation of the schoolboys to training in a higher school.

NSS-students have

By the pupils of NSS can be become if you finished 9 classes of school. The classes in NSS is one time per one week (2-4 academic hours) in convenient for the schoolboys time under the specially designed program within 2 years. (For pupils of 11 classes the time of tutoring can be reduced at obligatory realisation of the program of tutoring).

Pupils taking correspondence course are trained on correspondence.

All graduates of NSS gain the certification of Centre before High School Training of TPU and are admitted to participation in entrance examinations on all technical faculties of TPU on results of an Olympiad of TPU.

The course of training must be paid. The payment is make in cash of TPU according to the individual contracts made between administration of TPU and the pupils (for under age - with their parents).

The following managers will answered on all your questions :

  1. Head of NSS is associated professor of Physical Department of FNSM, Ph.D, Sergey I. Kuznetsov, phone: 7Ц3822 415403, ЕЦmail smit@tpu.ru.
  2. Head of Physical Department of NSS is associated professor of Physical Department of FNSM, Ph.D Galina V. Erofeeva, phone: 7Ц3822 415845 or7Ц3822 415403.
  3. Head of Mathematical Department of NSS is associated professor of Mathematical Department of FNSM, Ph.D Valentina A. Rozhkova (4th Univ. Build, room 35, phone: 7Ц3822 415825 or 7Ц3822 415877).
  4. Head of Chemical Department of NSS is associated professor of General and inorganic chemistry Department of FNSM, Ph.D Elena M. Knyazeva (2th Univ. Build, room 201, phone: 7Ц3822 415474).
  5. Head of Class of chemical ecology NSS is associated professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry Department of FNSM Tatyana A.Yurmazova Ph.D.